Northwest Film Forum

Project 06

Northwest Film Forum Bumper

Short animation to play before films at Northwest Film Forum

  • Client: Northwest Filmforum
  • Role: Director, Design, Animation
  • Year:2016


Social Media Campaigns

ToysRUs Social Campaign

Art Director for ToysRUs

  • Role: Art Direction, concetpting, object making, animation
  • Year: 2015


Soial Media, Video, web projects


Art Director for Dell digital projects

  • Role: Art Direction, Charactor and logo Design, Animation
  • Year: 2015

Social Media Design & Illustration

TV, Consumer Products, Education
Project 06

Social Media Posts & Ad Banners

  • Client:truTV, Swedishfish, Ritz, Primrose School, Johnson's Baby
  • Role:Art Direction, Photography, Design, Animation
  • Year:2015

Stuffed Creature Alphabet

Fabric Typography & Toy

Stuffed Creature Alphabet

  • Eco Toy for children designed and made in Brooklyn.
  • Year: 2015 & 2016


Social Media Campaigns

BabiesRUs Social Media Campaigns

Art Direction for BabiesRUs Social Media Campaign

  • Role: Art direction, Photo styling, logo design
  • Year: 2015 Promo

Video for Times Squrea Outdoor Monitor
Project 06 Promo for Outdoor Monitor

  • Animation promoting
  • Client:
  • Role: Concept, design , Animation
  • Year:2008

MTV Digital Marketing

Banners & Flash ads
Project 06

Digital Marketing

Flash banner and video advertising

  • Client: MTV
  • Role: Creative Direction, Design, Animation, Illustration
  • Year:2010

Vivaldi's Four Seasons

Children's iPad book & app
Project 01

Vivaldi's Four Seasons

IPad book app introducing the joy of classical music to children.

  • Client: Infinite Fermata
  • Role: Art Direction, design & animation
  • Year: 2013

Survival Guide

Viral Video
Project 06

Viral animated video

  • Role: Story, Illustration, Animation
  • Year:2008

Papa Cloudy's Orchestra

Children's Film
Project 03

Papa Cloudy's Orchestra

A new film premiering in 2016

  • Running time: 11min 40sec
  • Role: Director, Writer, Animator, Puppet maker, Sound design
  • Year: 2015

Papa Cloudy's Restaurant

Winner of Best Film for 2-5 Years Old @ BAMkids Film Festival & Best Animation Short at Children's Film Festival Seattle 2015
Project 02

Papa Cloudy's Restaurant

*Winner of Best Film for 2-5 Years Old at BAMkids Film Festival in Feb 20014* & Best Animation Short at Children's Film Festival Seattle 2015

Chef Papa Cloudy makes sustainable menu after learning about overfishing.

Carnegie Hall Pitch

Brochure, ads, gift, web site

Carnegie Hall Pitch

Brochure, ad campaign, gift design and website for Canegie Hall

  • Role: Creative Direction and Design
  • Year: 2014

Deerhoof: The Merry Barracks Official Music Video

Project 05

Deerhoof Music Video

The official music video of "The Merry Barracks" from the album "Deerhoof vs Evil" Available for purchase on iTune

  • Client: Deerhoof, Polyvinyl Records
  • Role: Producer, Co-Director, Editor
  • Year: 2011

Akiko McQuerrey is an art director, filmmaker and puppet maker who's focusing on children's media. She was born in a port town (Yokohama) and bred in a beach town (Hayama) near Tokyo, Japan. She currently lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.


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Papa Cloudy Series

Akiko started the Papa Cloudy animation series as a way to feel better about the world and she hopes that people watching the film will share this feeling, and have warmer hearts as a result.