The Scribble

Food photography

The Scribble

The blog targeting young parents with small children

  • Role: Art Direction, Food styling, Logo Design
  • Year: 2016

Ollie Marketing Design

Design & Photography

Ollie Pet Inc.

Marketing Design for subscription base pet food company

  • Role: Food styling, art direction, concetpting, animation for social media and marketing materials
  • Year: 2016


Marketing Design


Marketing Design for Children's Apparel Company. Projects range from print, web, social media, emails etc.

  • Role: Art Direction, Design
  • Year: 2016


Social Media Campaigns

ToysRUs Social Campaign

Art Director for ToysRUs

  • Role: Art Direction, concetpting, object making, animation
  • Year: 2015 Promo

Video for Times Squrea Outdoor Monitor
Project 06 Promo for Outdoor Monitor

  • Animation promoting
  • Client:
  • Role: Concept, design , Animation
  • Year:2008

Northwest Film Forum

Project 06

Northwest Film Forum Bumper

Short animation to play before films at Northwest Film Forum

  • Client: Northwest Filmforum
  • Role: Director, Design, Animation
  • Year:2016

Vivaldi's Four Seasons

Children's iPad book & app
Project 01

Vivaldi's Four Seasons

IPad book app introducing the joy of classical music to children.

  • Client: Infinite Fermata
  • Role: Art Direction, design & animation
  • Year: 2013


Social Media Campaigns

BabiesRUs Social Media Campaigns

Art Direction for BabiesRUs Social Media Campaign

  • Role: Art direction, Photo styling, logo design
  • Year: 2015

Papa Cloudy's Orchestra

Children's Film
Project 03

Papa Cloudy's Orchestra

Premiere in 2016

  • Running time: 11min 40sec
  • Role: Director, Writer, Animator, Puppet maker, Sound design
  • Year: 2015

Stuffed Creature Alphabet

Fabric Typography & Toy

Stuffed Creature Alphabet

  • Eco Toy for children designed and made in Brooklyn.
  • Year: 2015 & 2016

Akiko McQuerrey is an art director, filmmaker and puppet maker who's focusing on children's media. She was born in a port town (Yokohama) and bred in a beach town (Hayama) near Tokyo, Japan. She currently lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.


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Papa Cloudy Series

Akiko started the Papa Cloudy animation series as a way to feel better about the world and she hopes that people watching the film will share this feeling, and have warmer hearts as a result.