papa cloudy

Howdy! I'm Papa Cloudy.

I work at a laundromat and fill in for Santa when he's on vacation. I also do regular cloud jobs like rain-making. I put my heart into everything I do, no matter what it is! These days I work as a chef at a restaurant with my good friends Crumble, Slush and Geeba.

Please meet them below and say hi, too!



A walrus from the arctic. He meets Papa Cloudy after applying to be Santa's helper. Geeba is clumsy yet versatile. He's good at typing and chopping vegetables.          


A hard-working pug. He lives in a house with an old chimney where Papa Cloudy rehearses before Xmas. Crumble loves mopping and serving food.                              


A dandy bull terrier. He's introduced to Papa Cloudy during Xmas by his old friend Crumble. Slush is an indoor dog. He works as a waiter at Papa Cloudy's restaurant.


An octopus who performs the Overfishing Song at Papa Cloudy's restaurant: "Ocean is lonely because you are hungry..."

Sir Chicken

A dandy rooster. He's a regular at Papa Cloudy's restaurant. His favorite dish is ... shhh ... a pork chop.                                  

Lady Piggy

A very stylish pig. She's another customer at Papa Cloudy's restaurant. Her favorite dish is seafood ... especially octopus.


The king of the sea. He's very grateful for sustainable dishes.           


You-know-who. This year he's taking a well-deserved Xmas vacation.



An earthworm couple. They live in the desert that Papa Cloudy visits.       

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